Put Your Face on a Stamp!

Put your stamp of approval!  But don't just put any old mark, put your own semblance on it!

Just imagine yourself (or your loved one) on a rubber stamp!  It's the perfect gift!

These stamps are specially illustrated by well loved artist Robert A. Alejandro.

We asked Robert how this business started.

It was born out of a challenge!  He happened to attend an event about business and financial management and they were tasked to reach a certain goal in a limited amount of time. He thought about how he enjoyed making gifts for friends by drawing them and making them into rubber stamps.

So far, Robert's fave stamp is of a furry four-legged subject - justice the Dog!

INTRODUCTORY PRICE:  Php1,450 / $32.50 each


Email the following information and JPG file (who you would want to appear on the rubber stamp (send the name ONLY IF you the name to appear on the stamp). 

Please fill this up:

Mailing address_______
Zip code_______
Mobile / telephone________

Would you like a name to appear on the stamp?
Yes_______ No_______

If yes, what name should appear on the rubber stamp? _______

Email all this to:

Robert reserves the right to personally pick who he would like to illustrate and turn into a rubber stamp (NOT everyone will be picked).  

You will receive an email response / message on the next steps if you are picked.

The stamp will then be mailed to you in 2-3 weeks not counting holidays!  Shipped worldwide!

ABOUT THE ARTIST:  Robert Alejandro is a well traveled graphic designer who has created anything and everything from coffee table books to amusement centers and shopping malls.  If he isn't in his curio filled workshop, he is traipsing all over the world.   He is known to give portraits away to unsuspecting strangers on the train, park or restaurants!   He loves working with street children and has, for many years, been supporting ATD, a global non-profit group aiming to eradicate poverty.  More on his life and work at www.raadesign.com 

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