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Personalized Notebook Gift Idea

04 Jun 2014

It's craft time!  Here's a Do-It-Yourself you can make in less than an hour!

We chose to do a design for Father's Day since it's the Sunday after this one. but you can also adapt this process for any other theme or special occasion.

Here's what you need:

Paper Paste
Plain notebook (100% Recycled paper is always better)
Rubber Letters
Craft Cuts
Scrapbook embellishments
Your pictures (of dad or depending on your theme)

ALTERNATELY, you can use any notebook that has plenty of writing space, magazine paper with different regular designs like just words or just a pattern, letters cut out from paper and cardboard instead of the brown frames.

Note: All of these materials are available at Papemelroti gift shops!  But to be sure, order from us online as sometimes stocks run out.


Cut the Craft Cuts into different parts.

Cut the different patterns on the lines so it looks like this -

Add the embellishments and place them where you like (or follow our design).

Here's our placement but you don't have to follow it.

We noticed that this part was the most fun so do what you like and ENJOY!!!

Once you like the look of it, then use the paper paste to secure.

You're done!  Dad will have a gift he'll always cherish!

The total cost of this gift is:
Notebook  - P24 / $0.70
Craft Cut   - P15 / $0.43 per sheet
Frames and Words - P33.50 / $1
Letters - P9 / $0.25 (for Dad, 3 pcs)

Total: P81.50 / $2.35
(not including the pictures / glue / scissors)

Not bad for a gift to remember forever!

We hope you liked this super easy craft.

See more crafts at

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