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Personality Pillbox

25 Jun 2013

 My sister's birthday is coming up
and I was thinking I'd like to write her
an "honoring" and place it in a nice container.
An "honoring" is the opposite of a roast.
It's when you tell someone you appreciate them,
and honor them for the wonderful qualities they have!

So here's an idea using recycled materials.
I've always wondered what 
I could use these aluminum tubes for-
I've got a lot from all the Vitamin C I take!

Gather your materials-
one of those metal or plastic tubes,
a used wooden or plastic spoon (cleaned of course!)
picture of the friend you want to honor,
book paper and embellishments,

It is better if the photo faces front and fits the spoon.
Cut up the photo and glue on to the wooden spoon.
Cut up book paper to cover the tube.

Glue on the book paper and smoothen out.
Cut out a circle from bookpaper or cardstock 
to glue on to the cover of the tube.

Shorten the spoon so that it fits the tube 
and won't extend beyond it.
Cut out paper for her hair and for her dress.
Glue on.
Use a glue gun to attach the spoon body to the tube.

If you are like me, you probably have 
a box full of embellishments.
This is the part I like best!
Decorate your project with flowers, buttons,
lace, or die cuts, etc.
It really depends on what you have on hand.

And what do you do with this?
Before giving it to your friend or loved one,
cut up strips of nice paper
and write down what you admire about her.
Or you can cut a long piece of paper and roll it up 
and place it inside the tube.
Be sure to write a lovely letter that your friend
or loved one will want to keep!

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You may want to see 
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