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Paper Mache Piggy Bank

06 Jan 2014
Paper Mache Piggy Bank

We know you've got a lot of plans this 2014!  Why not make a craft, do some art... as a good start!  This project is for all those dreams that need to be saved up for.  Just fill up to fulfill!  It's perfect for children and hobbyists alike.  It's really fun to make together and also great to give as a gift to someone special. We want you to enjoy making this very doable project made by Papemelroti artist Patsy Paterno.

Please click on the images to enlarge.

What you need:
paper strips
toilet paper rolls
white glue
plastic cup
masking tape
bit of rope
acrylic paint

How to do it:
1. Gather your materials.
The items we chose are easily found in local shops selling arts and crafts shops or party supplies.  Any type of balloon will do though the thing to remember is that the size of the pig will be the same as the largest size possible of the blown up balloon. The color of the balloons don't really matter since these will be painted over.
2. Inflate the balloon.
It will sound a little like this ppsssfffffffffsssshhh!
*Do make sure that with the steps after this, you have a protective covering over the area you are working on to prevent anything to be painted on accidentally.
3. Make the sticky mixture, cut the paper into thin strips and put together.
Use 1:1 ratio of glue and water for the sticky mixture.  You may use newspaper as it is the most economical.  Strips of about 1/4 inch width would be good.  Mix it up in a plastic cup with a stick.
4. Spread the strips along the surface of the balloon using the mixture as the adhesive.
This will be the pigs "body".  The smoother the surface, the nicer your pig will be! 
5. Attach the tail.
Use a bit of rope and insert the edge of the "tail" under the back before it is totally covered up in the strips.
6. Make the snout and legs.
Cut the toilet paper rolls to make some cylindrical shapes. You can also use cardboard instead of toilet paper rolls - just use masking tape to make the cylinders.  Use cardboard for the snout.
7. Attach the snout and legs.
Use masking tape to secure the parts to the pig "body".  The snout can go over the part where the balloon is tied together to hide it.
8. Paint over the pig.
Use your paintbrush to cover the whole pig with white acrylic paint, including the snout and legs.  Let dry.
9. Color the pig.
This part is soooo much fun!  You can go wild painting all the colors of the rainbow. 
At this point you can already mark with a pencil where you wish to put the hole to make this into a bank.  Use your cutter to make the hole.  It can be 2" long and 1/4 inch wide.
10. Paint some more!
The pig has a lot more color now. You can even use different textures so as to create a grungy effect.

11. Attach the ears!
Don't forget this (we almost did!) Use the same method
12. Paint ears with gouache.
Take a look and see!  She pig has a lot more color now. You can even use different textures so as to create a grungy effect.
13. Decorate and write
If you look closely at the images on the left, you can will see writings on the pig.  Top it off with a beautiful ribbon.

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