Newest Branch! SM Taytay!

The newest branch of Papemelroti is set to open August 1 of this year!  Finally we are in SM Taytay and we are excited to serve you with our newest product offerings there!

We've got a lot of cool products for the kitchen!  Look how nicely they look all together!  These will put a little more love into each meal!

You'll see a lot of our inspirational, motivational wall products to help get you going every day!

We know you love to travel so check out our adventure wall!  You'll remember every exciting trip you've ever made just looking at these wall items!

So don't forget to drop by our SM Taytay branch opening on the first day of August and tell your family and friends to come by too!

We are located at the 2nd floor, building A across from Surplus shop and near the Food Court.

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