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New: Mismo Boardgame!

08 Jul 2009
Now Animismo company is finally launching a project that has taken a good one and a half years to develop!

It's a boardgame. By Filipinos for Filipinos. We call it, "Mismo!"

It's very simple to play -- pang-barkada, pampamilya -- but describing it is a bit more challenging.

• Ano ang malalim na mababaw?
• Ano ang malabo na malinaw?
• Ano ang magulo na demokratiko?
• Nakakaaliw na nakakabaliw?

Mismo! will literally ask you questions such as all of the above -- and consequently, the game itself IS all of the above.

Dahil Pinoy tayo, sa Mismo! may baraha na, may dalawang ruleta pa. Paikutin ang ruleta, at umpisa na ang saya: alaskahan, barahan, pilosopohan, at higit sa lahat, katuwaan at bahaginan. (Because we're Pinoys, Mismo! features cards, and two roulettes. Spin the wheels, and let the fun begin: the wise-cracks, the debates, but above all, the fun and learning.)

After focus groups with friends and families in the Philippines, as well as with OFWs, the enthusiastic responses have led the makers to believe that this is something truly worth sharing. It's exciting to play with your friends, children, parents, grandparents and grandchildren. (And that friend/relative/nephew/niece of yours that hende magaleng mag-Filipinow? Para inyong lahat ang Mismo!)

We can guarrantee you this -- sa Mismo! walang mali, lahat tama -- at dyan uusbong ang saya. (Nobody's wrong. Everybody's right -- and that's exactly the recipe for wholesome mayhem.) You'll also find in Mismo! a fantastic platform to rediscover and reaffirm all the little things -- people, places, events, concepts -- that define the whole Philippine adventure.

Really, you have to check it out. By Friday, July 3, you'll be seeing Mismo! on the shelves of Hobbes and Landes, MagNet Cafe, Papemelroti, Books for Less, and the Handog Gift Shop (siempre sa UP Shopping Center). That these highly reputable establishments have seen our product, and adjudged Mismo's concept, quality, and enjoyability as worthy of being associated with their business is, for us, affirmation that we've produced something special for the Pinoy family.
You can check out our website, (And hey, find us on Facebook. ) We've all always been proud to call you our friends. Check Mismo! out and we're hopeful one day you'll be fans as well. : )

Mismo! is on a special introductory price for the whole of July. It's offered at P1,777 in Hobbes & Landes, MagNet, Papemelroti, Books for Less, and the Handog Gift Shop at the U.P. Shopping Center. That's 10 percent off P1,975, which will be its regular price starting August. See here:

Do check it out.
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