Mother and Son Artists at Art in the Park 2024

patsy and josh paterno sell art

Want to invest in art that’s actually affordable?

Get your very own original papemelroti artwork this month of March!

Papemelroti owner and artist, Patsy Paterno is going to make her artwork available for the upcoming Art in the Park 2024!

With a unique style that is her very own, you’ll get the chance to purchase her inspiring and joy-filled creations!  Her playful mixed media compositions hold surprising details and make use of different materials and tools.

That’s not all!  Her son Joshua will also be there to sell his work as well!  His style is an adventurous rendition of a modern photorealist with scenes that world travelers will gravitate toward.  

josh paterno

His work from last year’s Art in the Park was featured in Tatler Asia.

They are part of the Sheer Joy Collective group.  Sheer Joy is a collective consisting of artists and illustrators who like making art that inspires joy in the viewer.  

Only a limited amount of artwork and prints will be available from the mother and son duo so it is best to come early!

It will be fun to see what they will offer to the public this year! See you at the event!

Admission is free.



17 March 2024, Sunday

10 am - 10 pm

Jaime Velasquez Park, Salcedo Village, Makati

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