I love luminarias! 

Especially when I can 

make a lot for little or no expense! 

Usually we throw cans away. 

How about if we collect a lot and make them

into something that 

will light up our life?

Clean the can and make sure there are no sharp edges.

Then draw a design on it with a marker.

It does not have to be a 

complicated design! 

Fill up the can with ice and freeze it.

Then with a hammer and ice pick, 

punch holes along the lines of your design.

Do it fast, because if the ice melts, 

the can will get distorted when you
bang on it!

I used alcohol inks to color the luminaria.
But you don't really have to color it.

Put candles inside and light it up!
Use the luminarias to light up a sidewalk
that leads to a party!
You can also put leaves around it to
decorate a table or window ledge.
Where else can we use our luminarias?

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