Let's do Kusudama

The Japanese have a way of turning ordinary things into works of art.  In origami, we see that paper can evolve into a multitude of unforeseen objects.

Here's what we will make!

This flower is even prettier in person.  It can be used by itself or in a bunch.  You may put a stick to hold up a dozen and prop up on a vase at your desk.  It can be strung into a garland or bouquet.  It can be a wall hanging.  You can insert Christmas lights in the middle section (so long as it won't be on too long).  You can make small ones and string together to form a luau necklace.  The possibilities are endless!


1. Cut a piece of paper into a square shape.  This piece of paper will form 1 petal so it depends on you what sized paper you'll use.  Try to practice using newspaper or any used piece of paper -  just so you don't ruin the paper you're going to use.

2. Fold it in half - making a triangle.

3. Flip the edges up and fold.

It will look like a triangle.

4. Insert your finger in the fold and widen that portion of the paper - it should look like the picture below.  

Do that on both sides.

Now that I think about it, it looks like a crown :)

5. Fold the tops of the "crowns".

Do it on the other side.

6. Press the sides together so it will form an elegant petal.

They look fab with different sizes :)

TIP: To hasten finishing a lot of the work, make sure you cut all the paper the same way.

To make a single flower, make 6 petals.  To make a flower ball, make 12 flowers.

Hailey, our "paw"-fficemate, inspecting the Kudusama flower

We hope you enjoy making this craft!


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