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It's a Free Philippines Quiz

22 May 2018

On June 12th, a hundred and twenty years ago, the Philippines declared itself free from the Spanish and today, it is a democratic and republican state.  The Philippines is the land of the free!  We are also the place to get a lot of sun and smiles!

Let's see, how much do you know about the Philippines?  We've come up with some of the little known (yet interesting) facts about the country.  Check these 10 questions out and show us your stuff!


GENIUS LEVEL Score: 9 to 10

Congratulations! You've got the highest scores for this quiz! That means you have above average knowledge about the Philippines!

SMART LEVEL Score: 7 to 8

Wow you know a lot about the Philippines! You must be a good reader and probably was listening during your Social Studies classes! Great job!

LEARNER LEVEL Score: 5 to 6

You did better than average so you're on the right track! A little bit more reading and you're going to top this quiz! Let's get to know more about the Philippines!


You barely passed the quiz! You know a bit of this and that and you don't know some stuff too. No worries! With a lot more reading up on the country, you'll be able to have a perfect score next time! We all can do a lot to improve!

UH OH LEVEL Score: 1 to 2

Let's just say knowledge about the Philippines is just not your strong point. That's only NOW, not forever! Just a bit of research and reading and your scores would go up in no time! Well, better luck next time. But don't ever give up!


Thank you for joining the It's a Free Philippines Quiz!

We hope you had fun!

Feel free to share this quiz with your friends!

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