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Heart Collage

29 Jan 2017

Say it with Heart!  Use our Free Collage Printables offline and online - for your website, or craft projects!

You might have seen our present 2017 Valentines Day display and noticed the heart collage designs stitched together to form a sort of soft sculpture.  We want to share with you these designs so you can make your own mix and match of things to enjoy this season of hearts!

Projects you can make with these are:

Greeting Cards
Make these your Valentine greeting card cover design!  Just use this site to resize it to what you want before printing.

Profile Picture Badge
Update your profile picture on Facebook with a heart badge!  Just use this site to make the badge.

To use the images, just right click on the design you like and choose "Save as" to place the image on your computer.  You may use them for your personal blog or website to bring a little romance on your page.

Make your own romantic t-shirt by printing out this design on cloth transfer paper.

See more projects below...

*These images are for personal use only and not for any commercial use.

Just go over to a floor tile store and pick out a small enough tile for a coaster.  Glue on the heart print out on top and then spread a sealant like polyurethane to make it waterproof!

Image with Text
Make an online greeting with Fotor.  Put the heart design and add your own words to make the perfect e-greeting.

What else can you make with this free printable?  
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