Hanging Organizer

This month, we are featuring Justine Faith Derla's Recycled Project: a ​Hanging Organizer!  Yayyyyy (clap! clap! clap!)

Justine's creativity turned an old pair of jeans into a delightful and useful item for the home!

 We want to thank Justine for generously sharing her craft with us so we too can help lessen the trash in our landfills!

The hanging organizer is recycled from an old jeans. It can hold mobile phones, notebooks and other stuff.

Old/Oversize Jeans
Thread and needle
Laces and buttons
Cut 10cm x 15cm from the top of the jeans at the back (one from left and one from the right). Centralize the pockets.

Sew the sides, make sure the two will have the same size and add designs like laces and buttons.

Cut one end of the belt holders found at the top of the jeans. Do this only to the piece that will be placed second in the organizer. Attach(sew) it to the bottom of the pocket that is to be placed higher.

Cut another rectangular (6cmx2cm) piece from the remaining part of the jeans. This will hang the organizer.

Lastly, sew the two sides strongly to the top pocket.