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Free Eat Right Motivational Printables

26 Oct 2018

Health is indeed wealth!  It's time to get in gear as we inch closer to the holiday season!  Before the calories start piling up, psych yourself to be fit!

These are simple reminders for you, so you have a very healthy and happy Christmas season!

At present, the average life span of a Filipino is only 66 years old (males) and 73 years old (females).  That is 21% less compared to other countries like Japan.  We can do a lot to improve our lifestyle and dietary choices and live longer!

The link between health and food is a strong one.  Studies suggest that how you eat can affect not just how long you live, but also how you feel.  For example, researchers have found that young people who consume junkfood and soft drinks have a higher likelihood of being depressed.  (SEE STUDY RESULTS)

Since the Christmas season undoubtedly makes you eat more unhealthy food and drinks, it may also contribute to what is called SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). 

So we have some tools for you to download and use for FREE to get you fit and ready for the season!  These are all the reminders you'll need so that you won't overeat!

These all-original printables are created by papemelroti Calej.  They can be framed for your kitchen wall or just hung on the fridges as a reminder. 

What's Free?

4 high resolution images
(Free for personal use, commercial use is not permitted)

How to Use:

1. Download the images using the link below.

2. Using online tools like this Photo Resizer, you can resize the image to what you want, according to what you will use it for.

3. Print and use!


We will take down the link by December 3, 2018.

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