Finding Your Art Workshop Photos

Here are some flashback photos of the workshop that got sold out so fast!
WORKSHOP was described by Craft MNL as:
Have Robert Alejandro himself (visual artist, travel sketcher, all-around prolific multidisciplinary designer, and once-art-show-TV-host) guide you through the baby steps to finding your art!  Get to play with different media–acrylics and watercolors in this intense 5-hour session, wherein you get to experiment and discover the journey to finding your visual style by being guided into the right frame of mind for creating.
Participants are encouraged to bring their respective portfolios if they’d like to receive pointers from Robert.  This class is also open to complete (as in read: ground zero-folks-who-think-they-don’t-have-a-creative-bone-in-their-bodies) beginners.
The workshop was held last February 22 Sunday.

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