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Dyeing with Tea

01 Jul 2014

I love vintage fabrics and lace.  But I know how expensive it is and I do not like expensive!!!

So I use tea to dye fabrics, laces and ribbons to create vintage looking projects.

Sometimes I do not even know what will happen when I start a project.  Here I looked for fabric, lace, ribbons that I can combine to make a vintage looking fabric collage.  

Included in this pile:
a Indian blouse I have used for years
(but there's a hole in it so I decided
it had to be retired even if I love wearing it!),
a torn tablecloth with a lot of 
torn Battenburg lace and various lace blouses
(I bought these in an ukay-ukay,
a second hand shop).
I dyed all of it, plus some ribbons in a tea bath.

Then I looked for a picture that could pass for an old one.  I chose one of my sister whose
birthday is coming up.  Then I transferred it to some tea dyed cloth.

You can use transfer paper bought in bookstores or craft shops.  There are other ways too,

using mod podge, etc.  Just look in google and see what kind of transfer you would like to use!

Then you audition pieces, tearing the fabric, cutting out pieces of lace, and moving it around your photo.

Then, when you are happy with the placement of the pieces, pin it up.

Then sew it up.

I used running stitch all over.  So simple!  And for the ribbon, I pulled the stitches to make a ruche.

Then I attached the ribbon to add some shiny texture.  I didn't follow my first plan, I changed it a bit!

Here is the finished product.  

I added some buttons, and a metal heart from a bracelet I took apart.

I quite like it!  I think my sister will like it too!

by Patricia Paterno

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