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Don't Throw away that Plastic Bottle!

19 Jul 2012

My mom always taught us to "recycle".
When we were young, 
she made stuffed toys out of scrap cloth, 
made "eggs" out of felt scraps,
Christmas decor out of egg shells,
banks out of big plastic bottles.

Here's a project using yakult bottles.
We're going to need a styrofoam or a wooden ball.
Use either white glue or a glue gun 
to attach the ball to the neck of the yakult bottle.
If you want to make the doll heavier,
pour sand or little stones inside the bottle
before attaching the head.

Paint wall putty or gesso on the ball.
Wait for it to dry.

When dry, sand the wall putty or gesso 
to smoothen it.

Paint the face with acrylics.
If you don't know how to paint a face,
use googly eyes.

Wrap cloth around the yakult bottle
and use a glue gun to attach the back.
I like using cloth cut out from old clothes.
Tear old cloth into thin strips.
Cut fabric strips twice the length
you want the doll's hair to be.
Gather a bunch of  the cloth strips and tie in the middle.
Glue it on top of the doll's head.
Shorten the strips covering doll's face to make bangs.

To make arms, cut out strips of cloth.
The length should be a little longer
than the body.

Cut out hands from a piece of leather,
felt or cardboard.
If you can't draw hands with fingers,
cut out mittens, or just cut out 
a simple simple semi-circle.
Fold the cloth over the hands
and use a glue gun to attach everything.

Use a glue gun to attach arms to doll's body.

Next, make shoes out of leather, felt or cardboard.
Just make a loop out of the leather strip.
Cover up the sides, or put a strip over the loop.

Make the pants by cutting strips 
of cloth longer than the body.
Fold the cloth over the ankle and glue.

Here's the front of the leg.

To decorate the doll, you can 
put a ribbon or flowers in her hair.
You can also put a lace collar,
buttons, or other embellishments
on her dress.
I let my doll carry sunflowers.

Last step, put her on a shelf to brighten 
that corner of the cabinet! 

Here's the project being featured on the Good News TV show.

You may want to see other do it yourself projects at
Show Me What Ya Got at Not Just a Housewife 


An important infographic from
Plastic Infographic

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