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DIY Letter Photo Showcase

28 Apr 2016

May is Mom's month and we are all set to make a gift she will appreciate for years to come!

It's fast and easy to make and Mom will surely love it!
You can also make this as a birthday gift for special people in your life!


Fat Letter 
- Pick the first letter of your mom's name!  Make sure it is in a thick font so you can have a lot of room to work with.  The color of the letter doesn't really matter as it will be covered with photos - only the sides will be seen.  Oh and the good news is .... we sell these at Papemelroti!


White Glue

- Choose the best quality photographs that you possibly can.  If you are having trouble sourcing these, just go online to Facebook for your mom's profile pictures!  We used our mom's vintage photos for this project.

Pencil or Pen


Here are the step by step instructions on how to make this craft.

STEP 1:  Have your photographs ready.  Lay them out on the letter so you know which picture fits which area best.  Have as many photos to choose from as you may need to fill out some spaces.  

STEP 2:  Place the picture on top of the letter and then turn around.

STEP 3:  Trace the picture with a pencil so you know where to cut.

STEP 4:  Cut the picture and then glue it on to the exact location you traced.

 STEP 5:  Position the next picture on the letter, making sure there is no space or no part of the surface of the letter being seen.

 STEP 6:  Repeat Steps 1-4 (trace, cut and then glue).

Repeat for all the other photos.

Yay!!!!  You're done!  Surprise Mom with this one of a kind gift!

You can hang this on a wall or lean back on a shelf or desk.  It's specially wonderful to use at birthday celebrations and reunions!

We hope you've enjoyed this craft and do let us know if you wish to have a craft featured here!

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