DIY Craft Doll: Mrs Whatsit

A pretty do it yourself project for crafters!

So easy to do!

Mrs. Whatsit is so pretty!  
Mrs. Whatsit is excited to meet you!

She is a mixture of imagination, inspiration and sheer creativity.  She is also made of things you can easily find from your household and recycled materials too!

We're sure you will have fun making her!

She was crafted by Patricia Paterno.

milk bottle
laundry starch
little brush
masking tape
newspaper / old paper
carbon paper
acrylic paint
gesso or wall putty
plastic cup cover (like KFCs Krusher)
glue gun
old sweater


1. Prepare the materials.
Shown here are empty milk bottles and a mixture of starch (gawgaw).  You may use the recipe from here for the starch mixture  Cut the newspaper into strips.  You don't have to keep using the scissors.  Tearing them is enough.

2. Wrap the botttle with paper mache
Use the paintbrush to soak the paper strips in the sticky starch mixture and then wrap the bottle with the paper strips.  Warning this is may get pretty gooey and messy.

3. Use the top of a KFC Krusher drink.
Attach the cover onto the body using masking tape.

4.  Paper mache it all! Soon you'll have a mummy like thing!

5.  Make the arms by rolling about 5 pieces of paper into a cylinder.  If your paper is thinner, you will need more pieces to fortify it.

6. Dry the body and arms.  This will take the longest time in the project.  If you can dry it out in the sun, your project will get finished faster!

7. Apply gesso or wall putty on head and hands.
You don't want your doll to have the day's news splashed across his face so let's paint it white with the gesso or wall putty!  This will give a lot of interesting texture to your face when it will be painted.

8. Draw face.
Use a pencil and paper to make a cute face.

9. Trace on gesso-ed face with carbon paper.
Put your pencil face on top of the head portion of the paper mache figure and trace the markings with carbon paper.

10.  Here is how the traced face will look.

11.  Paint the face.
This is such fun fun fun!

12. Just look at how Mrs. Whatsit is forming!  Here's her painted face on her body.

13. Choose fabric.
We just love denim as it is so versatile.  Wrap it around Mrs. Whatsit to keep her warm.

14. Attach fabric using glue gun.
Everything is easier with the glue gun!  If you don't have one, don't fret.
Just use your needle and thread to have Mrs. Whatsit clothed in no time!

15. Wrap sleeves around arm.
We want every bit of Mrs. Whatsit to be perfect so gently wrap her arms in the same fabric as her dress.  She likes denim too!

16. Use lace to cover edges.
Add a feminine touch to her outfit!

17. Attach arms using glue gun.
(Easy enough.)

18. Attach lace or a collar.
This will make her look really dignified!

19. Cut sweater.
Hopefully your sweater isn't blue otherwise she will have blue hair!

20. Attach to make hair.
Add the finishing touches and voila! Mrs. Whatsit is all set!

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