Craft: Make Your Own Earrings!

I've always wanted to experiment on Fiber Bead earrings.

I guess it's a fun way to use the too many scrap cloth I can't bear to throw away!  Plus I know the earrings I create will be so totally different from any I've ever made!

First I gathered the tools and the materials:

assorted cloth scraps (I chose jeweled colors in silk and satin)
earring hooks
cutter (for jewelry making)

First choose the cloth you want to use to make into beads.

Cut up the cloth in 2 little pieces, in the same shape and size so that you come up with equally sized beads (unless you want to make an unequal pair).

Form a loop with the wire using one of the round nosed pliers.

Wrap the cloth around the wire, with the loop protruding at the top.

Wrap the wire protruding from the bottom around the fabric, using your own style (criss-cross, diagonal, whatever!).

Cut the wire wherever you can hide it (so the sharp point won't hurt the wearer).

If you want to use wax to coat the fabric, light a candle and spill the wax over the beads.

I wrote the word hope on a piece of paper, and glued it on to the bead. Then dripped wax over it again.

For my second pair, I didn't use wax, but I added an old bead at the end.

It's so fun to wear!  It's not heavy at all!  You can mix up the colors to add interest!

Well, I certainly came up with some unique earrings!!!

*This craft project was made by Patricia Paterno.  See more of her work at her Heartworks blog.

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