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Did you know that you can personalize around 80% of all papemelroti products?  Give us your design and it can be made into a wall plaque, penholder, keychain, magnet and such!

Since many of our products are individually handmade with care - and not churned out by cookie cutter machines, we need a lot of time to make each one.  We need appropriate time to do all the processes needed to ensure that each of the orders are up to par!

There are products that we can only produce in large quantities - like notebooks, stationery and other paper products.  You can still personalize these but you'll need to order them in significantly larger quantities.


For the many handmade products we offer, we usually need 3 weeks to personalize.   We can sometimes do rush orders - it will depend on the particular product - so ask us about it first and plan ahead.

Note that at a certain point, (around December), we will need to stop accepting orders as soon as the volume is too high to handle.  So, we want to give you a reminder to ORDER EARLY just before the Christmas season builds up.


For those of us with creative flair, personalize your gifts yourself!  These will come out one-of-a-kind!

We have a wide assortment of products you can create art on.  Blank Postcards, Booklets, Sheets, Envelopes, Notebooks, and more!  

You can even create all your gifts on location at the Artisans Workshop!  We have all the materials you need for each kit!  


One of the easiest items to DIY is Photo Scrapbooks!   These come with space to insert a photo.  Instead of a photo, you can also handwrite a name or print out a design from a computer.  

Letters are a great way to personalize your gifts.  You can attach larger letters to a wall frame, clock, wreathe, lamp, mirror, a folder, etc. or you can use smaller letters to put a name on a box, desk plaque, magnet, clothespin clip and so much more!

Kraft Notebooks
85 for set of 3 notebooks

Are your Christmas garlands getting worn out?  Sometimes you notice that a lot of the parts are already missing and that they look sparser than usual.  Re-use them to decorate your gifts!


Sometimes you need to give group gifts to express your appreciation for the people you see everyday or want to give equal attention to a large group of friends / colleagues at work / relatives, etc.

Buying in bulk saves time and money.  With most of our products, you get a discount when you buy 50 pcs or more of the same product!  That's a great deal!

Need gifts below 30 or ₱50?  Check out our suggestions here.

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