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Be a Papemelroti Reseller!

04 Jun 2024


reseller papemelroti

Want to sell papemelroti products in your store? hometown? or online?
Join our growing number of authorized Papemelroti Resellers! This is a great opportunity!
Everyone is welcome! Whether you are a company or just an individual. Housewives, students or hobbyists can start their very own business online or at your location. This can also be your part-time endeavor.
Please take note: Brick-and-mortar shops or pop-up stands must be at least 4 kilometers away from papemelroti shops or other authorized resellers.
For online sellers, social media shopping sites are allowed (except for Shopee and Lazada). Your page must be a business page and not a personal page.

Read our Reseller Terms and Conditions and fill out the form.

*If inactive for a year, you need to re-apply.

Contact us on our Social Media pages for more information.

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