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Battle of the Bulge

05 Jan 2018

Free Admission! 

If you’re anything like me, there was too much good food on the table this holiday season to resist. Now, I need to lose some weight and get back to healthy eating habits. 

Everyone is invited for a free talk by Dr. Charlie Lasa, “The Spiritual Battle of the Bulge”. 

Eating healthy is a good investment for our future and the future of our family. We not only reduce the risks of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other illnesses, but we will also look and feel better. 

Dr. Charlie lost 37 lbs., and had to get a whole new wardrobe. Now he wants to share the secrets he learned with all of us! 

If you’d like to stay afterwards for question and answer, and some fellowship, you may bring some healthy snacks to share. 

Please tell us if you’re attending so we will have enough chairs.

Call Grace at 3751069, 3742442 or email to register.

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