A New Forest Giveaway

Papemelroti moved to a new forest tucked away in Makati.  Have you seen it?  It's got a carabao, a squirrel, birds (even a hornbill) and an owl family.

This design was hand-painted by Papemelroti designer Robert Alejandro using black and blue fountain pen ink.  Incidentally, Robert didn't even use a pencil to outline this design.  It just came alive, just like in a real forest!

Do you know where you can find this new forest?  We'll give you a clue.  It's somewhere in Makati City. 

If you can give us the floor and area where it is located (not just the mall name), you can win a Large Clock with the forest theme seen here.

Something like this (but the exact look will be a surprise!).

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