24 Fun Things to Do During Traffic

We know you're supposed to be focused on the road but sometimes when you've gone home for work on one day and arrive home the next day due to hours and hours of traffic, one needs a bit of help to restore one's sanity.  All of these suggestions are guaranteed to keep your mind away from negativity, moving you (amazingly) towards gratitude!

*Please take note that you should only put on your devices before starting the car and not while in transit.  (And switch off only after parking.)

  1. Listen to a downloaded podcast.
  2. Do deep breathing exercises.
  3. Memorize an uplifting bible verse or favorite quote.
  4. Pray for someone in need.
  5. Count your blessings.
  6. Visualize a problem getting solved.
  7. Sing your favorite song/s.
  8. If you're with someone in the car, you can play 20 questions.
  9. Look at license plates and try to spot letters A to Z.  First one who finishes wins!
  10. A birthday coming up?  Think of a gift for that special person.  No one's birthday yet?  Think of your Christmas list and make a mental note.  
  11. Record yourself using your cellphone to make a greeting to someone overseas (and send the message using Facebook messenger)
  12. Listen to a gripping audiobook (and keep a stash in the car).
  13. Do a car cleanup and organize your compartments.
  14. Give some food to those who might be begging for some morsels outside.
  15. Listen to the radio and guess the song title before the DJ mentions it.  You can also make this a game of "Name that Tune" with your passengers.
  16. You can record yourself saying what you need to buy, need to do, need to remember.
  17. Think of a random act of kindness you can do.
  18. Practice your French (or Spanish or German or whatever you want to learn).
  19. Make a poem that rhymes.
  20. Tuck your tummy in for 10 seconds then release.  Again.  Repeat as many times.  You'll have smaller abs in no time.
  21. Have a geography challenge!  Think of a country.  Let's say for example, Canada.  Then think of another country starting with the last letter of Canada, that's "A".  Algeria.  
  22. Memory game anyone?  The first passenger will say "I'm going to a party and bringing ____" (must start with the letter A).   Let's say "Apples".  The next passenger (or player) will say I'm going to a party and bringing _______ (must start with the letter B).  Let's say "Bananas".  He should say I'm going to a party and bringing bananas and apples.  Everyone should repeat what the other passengers said they'll bring.  
  23. Famished?  Have a bite of something nutritious like a granola bar.
  24. Do some facial massage.  Just don't antagonize others by thinking you're making faces at them!

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