2006 Grandparent's E-Newsletter

Dear Friend,

Ever wonder what it feels like to slow down and to readily appreciate what really matters most in life? With some aches and pains along the way, you get to value the little things you're still able to do and savor every moment of life rather than think about the future or dwell on mistakes of the past. These are signs of growing old gracefully and maturing in wisdom through the years.

As Grandparent's Day fast approaches, so too comes our chance not just to celebrate having our grandparents but also to learn from them. One day, God willing, we too may have a wealth of memories and revel in the present's joys.

Happy Grandparents Day on September 10, 2006!

E-Newsletter Editor

Ideas for Honoring our Grandparents
  • Videotape your Lolo and/or Lola telling his/her life story. Prepare interesting questions beforehand about times long gone, the family history and childhood memories. Ask what your grandparent has learned through the years. This will be a treasured family movie that can be viewed by succeeding generations!
  • Make a website in minutes with Dayspring's Celebration service. Just fill in the details and it's done! Put in the name of your Lolo and/or Lola and write down your greetings, favorite anecdotes and on Grandparent's Day you can show the site to them. They will be touched! See a sample and other Celebration Sites here
  • Let grandkids make a poem about their grandfolks. That will just warm their hearts.
  • Let grandkids make a bookmark for their grandparents. Some words for the bookmark - "Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children." by Alex Haley , OR another saying "Age is a matter of feeling, not of years" -GW Curtis
  • Make a family tree and give it to your grandparent/s OR you can make the project together. Grandfolks love to help out and they're the best source for the information. See a Papemelroti family tree product. To make your own, click here
  • Visit a Senior. If your grandparents have either passed on or abroad, think of a senior whom you know will be appreciative of a visit from you. Bring your friends along. Spend time telling stories and be blessed!
  • For a one-of-a-kind personalized gift for the grandparent in your life, take a look at Papemelroti's newest products (at the bottom of this e-mail) - special mention is our Special Times frame.

Papemelroti on QTV Channel 11
Learn paper-making skills on internationally award-winning public service program "At Your Service STAR POWER!" hosted by Iza Calzado is aired every Sunday twelve noon to one in the afternoon. Papemelroti's very own Patsy Paterno will teach viewers how to recycle used paper that they could use to produce items like paper sheets and gift boxes.

Scheduled for the September 10 episode, the show will be addressing the needs of an active women's organization in terms of their members' livelihood, health, and community life. The organization conducts free seminars on dressmaking, bagmaking, bartending ang jewelry making. Catch the show!

Hair Comes Help!
The August 11 sinking of a Petron oil tanker off the coast of Guimaras and the succeeding leakage of fuel affecting the marine life has spurned a wave of volunteerism among ... hairdressers! Reyes Haircutters and Philippine International Hairdressers Association have all agreed to give hair for the cause!

Yes, hair can help! During the Exxon oil spill in Alaska, hair was found to absorb and hold the oil even more effectively than chicken feathers, wool or straw. So, let's collect as much hair as we possibly can!

For everyone who can help (check your local salon), you may course your donations through Mary Ann Velas or Mang Rene, YPNET at 21-C Matimpiin St., Brgy. Pinyahan, Diliman, Quezon City. Tel no. +639178851186.

Kung Fu Class
Ever wonder how those martial arts legends like Bruce Lee combine power, discipline and grace all in a swift movement? Want to learn self-defense and be fit at the same time? Learn this priceless art and grow in the wisdom of science that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Join the 5:30-7 pm class every Fridays at the 5/F, Korben Place, 91 Roces Ave. QC and see for yourself. There is a 7-day basic course for beginners which will guide you through the principles of one of the most powerful arts in Southern China. For inquiries, call Tina at 4126487 / 3742442.

Stop Whaling
Do you want to save whales from extinction? Then sign the petition for a million signatures to end the needless slaughter of whales for scientific research. Log on to http://www.whalesrevenge.com/ .

For Our Feathered Friends
Ever wondered why the Philippines is called a biological "hotspot"? One way to prove it is to be aware of the wonderfully varied and unique birdlife we have in our country. Come to a Wild Bird Club Art Exhibit featuring endemic birds on September 19-October 15, 2006 at the Stairway Gallery, QC.

Another great event most of all for children is the 2nd Philippine Bird Festival on September 22-23, 2006 at Crossroad 77 Convenarium, Mother Ignacia, Quezon City.
See more fun and learning activities online at www.birdwatch.ph and be sure to tell your friends never to bother wild animals and help protect them at all times.

Coastal Cleanup 2006
Once again thousands of people around the world will unite on September 16 for a good cause. Every 3rd saturday of September is International Coastal Cleanup day. The goal: to help cleanup our coastlines and prevent the destruction of our seas and marine life and also to spread awareness to others who see us in this activity.

To join: simple download a data sheet at http://www.coastalcleanup.org/intro.cfm, pick a coastline or waterway to clean. Do the cleanup on Sept. 16 while filling up the data sheets. Submit these to the nearest DENR office.

If you don't want to form a group, simply call DENR and join their efforts on that day.

New Papemelroti Products!
  • Special Times Frame #982-7 for Lolo or Lola. This plaque will honor the grandparent in your home by recalling the events on the day of his/her birthday. Each frame has different news content specially researched for every order! Just e-mail Papemelroti their old photo and date of grandparent's birth and in 2 to 3 weeks, pay at any Papemelroti branch or deposit at the bank and your plaque will be made. Click here to see a larger view. Size 17" x 11.25" x 1/2". 440g, This is a great gift not just for grandparents. Please fill up this online order form completely to fill out your order/inquiry. Not yet available at all branches. P1198 / $28.
  • Family Tree Wall Plaques are a wonderful grandparent gift idea! View our customizeable ones online by clicking here.
  • Figgy and Bruno Summer Figurines! This delightful Papemelroti original pair is a fun addition to your figurine collection.
  • Happy Doctor, Nurse, Yuppie! These figurines have a great way of perking up your desk! Comes with either a signboard with fun message or swirl message holder. P79-89 / $2.26-2.55 each. view online
  • #232 Aprons with "Herbs" and "my cooking is seasoned with Love" design. P99 / $2.90 each. view online
  • Papemelroti Scripture Jewelry - every piece carries a Christian symbol and scripture passage that will remind one of God's promises and power. Each label reads, "Let it remind you always to keep the Lord's instructions in your minds and on your lips." - Exodus 13:9. Available in different kinds of jewelry. Cross finger rosary is P59 / $1.69
  • Cute Debutante Figurine with gold crown and bouquet of roses! Size 2.5"h x 1.75" length x 1.75" width, 55g. P69 / $1.98 each view online
  • New Scrapbook Embellishments - copper wired with beads all strung together make up for a curly cue border or flower. Alternately use as a pin, picture frame decoration or any other craft project. P19.75 / $0.57(#20-20-6 curly wire); P24 / $0.69 (#20-20-2 small flower); P27 / $0.78 (#20-20-4 large flower).
  • Shape Die-cuts for scrapbooking! Create a home for treasured memories in your scrapbooks. Develop your creativity! So many different shapes to use for scrapbook pages, cards, magnets, pins, gift wrapper, corkboards, gift tags, children's jewelry, party decor, paper clips, mirror border, signs & more. Available in packs with varying prices. Click here to learn the art of scrapbooking
  • More products at the stores!
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