14 Ways to Use a Basket

14 Ways to Use a Basket

A basket is a versatile item for your home.  This can serve as a decorative planter, a storage container or a variety of purposes.  It always makes your place just a little more cozy and homey.

Featuring the Basket Crib, with a rare, charming curved shape.

Decorative planter or storage container.  Each is hand-woven and lined with plastic which you can remove or keep depending on use.  Made of 2-ply rattan.  Made in the Philippines.

We are counting the ways!  See if you can think of a way to use these which we didn't!
1. Bath Products Organizer

2. Book Basket

3. Pet Bed

4. Fruit Basket

5. Pull Out Drawer inside furniture

6. Garden Tools Keeper

7. Gift Basket Bottom

8. Fabric or Craft Materials Holder

9. Magazine Rack

10. Flower Planter

11. School and Art Supplies Organizer

12. Toy Pack Away

13. Wall Holder

14. Wall Frame

Can you think of more ways to use our baskets?

Size 6.25 high x 13 length x 8.75 inches width, 500g

Price in Pesos: 149php each

Price in US Dollars: $4.26 each   BUY (or see other baskets)

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