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My Memorabilia Christmas Tree

25 Nov 2012

My Christmas tree at home is a little scraggly
but I love it!
I call it my Memorabilia Tree
or my Scrapbook Tree.
There are lots of pictures hanging on it.
Every year I add more-
it's definitely not one of those shiny, sleek
and beautiful trees!

Here's one I made in about 15 minutes-
all you need is either paper or cloth,
cardboard, a glue gun, some ribbon and embellishments.

Cut out the paper into the shape you like.
This one is round, but you can have square,
oval, or even a Christmas tree or star.
If you want to use cloth, be sure to 
use a mix of half and half white glue and water
to attach the cloth to paper so it's more stable.

After putting the picture in the frame,
glue a piece of cardboard to the back,
making sure to put a ribbon, twine
or string in between to hang your frame.

This fabric frame is one of my favorites.
I spent some time embellishing it
with embroidery stitches and fabric cut outs.

This is kid's play!
Cut out a tree shape and add dots!

A fancier version.
Let your kids help and let them
 decorate using sequins and beads.

This one is made using our papemelroti

Another one I made using Craft Cuts.
If your pictures are too precious to cut up,
like this one of my mom and my sister Peggy was,
just photocopy it.

And this one is made using Kitchen Clay.
See the recipe using baking soda and
cornstarch here.

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