• The Kinder Collection

     Look who just popped up to brighten up our day!  It's the Kinder Collection! These critters designed by Robert Alejandro are just too adorable to ignore!  Let your child's imagination soar with these whimsical characters!  They are just great at keeping little hands busy and entertained. They're not just for kids but for grown-ups too! They're a fun addition to any room and they're...
  • Free Gift Wrapping at papemelroti Ayala Malls Manila Bay!

     Shopping for gifts can be stressful especially if you're busy and in a rush.  For a more relaxing and leisurely time, why not avoid the crowds and drop by our store at Ayala Malls Manila Bay?  It's spacious and has a good assortment of our best and newest products!  Parking is plentiful too!Now, you can buy a gift, fuss-free, and have it wrapped at...
  • 5 Ways to have a Meaningful Year

     It's a brand new year!As we step into 2023, we may be filled with excitement and anticipation of what's ahead.  We can have all sorts of plans and dreams that we hope to achieve in the coming year.  Some of us have already made resolutions so we can have a new, improved version of ourselves!Be gratefulFor some, this time is the best opportunity to...
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