🌟Easy DIY Christmas Decor and Shop Ornaments🎄


simple christmas decor project

Want to liven up your home without breaking the bank?  Why not make your own Christmas decor?  We want to share our shop decoration with you which is so easy and fun to do!

cheap christmas decor project

This month you can see how it looks at all of our shops around the metropolis!

This paper star can be hung around your home, adorn your Christmas tree, attached to your garland and just put anywhere that needs brightening up.  You can even make small ones to stick to your gifts to make it more unique.

easy party decor


4 square sheets of paper
masking tape
template for design (optional)

*For the paper, we used 8.5 x 8.5 inch size for the video below.  Use different colors!

Here is a short video that shows the step-by-step process.  You can find an instruction sheet and template that you can download and print below.

You can use the images below as a guide while making your star.  Just right click on the image and save on your computer to make a printout.  (Note: This project is for personal use only.)

easy paper christmas decor

star design template

These stars are also great to use for a birthday party and other special occasions.

Did you know that you can also purchase our past store decorations? Just ask us about it.

We also provide a wonderful selection of Christmas products for decoration and gift-giving!

philippine nativity
Nativity Sets

christmas tree hanging
Tree Hangings

wall decor christmas philippines
Christmas Wall Decor

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