Calligraphy Workbook

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This workbook is your one-stop guide to jumpstart your calligraphy journey. It is designed with you in mind! Through this workbook, you will be guided from the basic strokes up to creating masterpieces. Multiple drills are included so that you can try out different brushpens, too!

    • 1 x Workbook (LECTURE AND DRILLS) 50+ colored pages, A5 size
      ✔️ Lectures: calligraphy tools
      ✔️ Lectures: techniques
      ✔️ Lectures and drills: strokes
      ✔️ Drills: fine small
      ✔️ Drills: big letters
      ✔️ Drills: broad small
      ✔️ Drills: big letters
      ✔️ Lectures and drills: connecting letters
      ✔️ Drills: 7 day word challenge (multiple calligraphy styles)
      ✔️ Drills: practice phrases
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