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Working One's Way to Success

23 Jul 2018

It’s another busy day at the papemelroti factory.  Paint is mixed into a rainbow of colors, recycled materials are being put together, and wood chips are flying.

Here’s a sneak peek into the lives of our valuable factory staff - which a lot of customers have been curious about.

We asked some of our loyal employees there about what they liked doing everyday as a member of the growing company.  

Jemima has been with papemelroti for 6 years now.  She says that papemelroti Deco Posters are beautiful and that among all the products she produces, this is what she likes best.  She only wishes for more success and progress for the company in the coming years.

Ana has been in the company almost 2 decades.  Her favorite product to work on is the Holy Family figure.  She said that she likes it best because working on this was her very first job in the factory.  She shares our hopes for many more years of the company's success.

Nelson appreciates learning and likes assembling products.  He hopes that the business would grow stronger and be able to widen its reach, specially for people who need jobs.

Aljohn came to the company 2 years ago.  He found out about the business from a friend.  He told us that carving products was his favorite task because he is happy when he makes it.  He has mastered the art of making the Lord and Master wall hanging, which he specially likes making.

His dream for papemelroti is for many more years of being in business and helping people with employment.

We share their hopes and dreams for the business and look towards a future with more Philippine entrepreneurs to develop homegrown talent in producing quality items for the local market.

Mabuhay!  Cheers for Filipino artistry, creativity and industry!

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