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We are God's Garden!

24 Aug 2012

My aunt turned 96 this month
and I wanted to make her
something special.
I found an old frame in my stash of "junk".

I paint a lot of backgrounds and I chose one to 
use for my framed picture.
You can also use cardstock or wallpaper scraps,
or whatever paper you have lying around.

I cut up the paper to fit the backing of the frame.
Do not glue it down yet!
Then I also chose a contrasting color to cut out
for a flower shape, a green piece of paper for the stem
 and another small piece for the center of the flower.
 Next I looked for a button.

I think sewing always adds a bit of whimsy
and I like hand sewing better than using a sewing machine!
I sewed on the button and added
stitches to the stem.
 Now here's the part some of you will say,
"But I don't know how to draw!!!"
My sister Peggy says that she learned 
how to draw by tracing!
She said that if you trace faces often enough,
the muscles of your hand will remember
and eventually you will know how to draw faces!!!
So if you don't know how to draw a face in profile,
find a picture and trace it!

Of course I always encourage you to draw your own face
because there is a certain charm to imperfect faces!
Look at Picasso's lopsided faces!

Next step is to paint the face.
I like the Bible verse about we being God's garden or field.
(1 Corinthians 3:9)
I believe we are all God's flowers and blooms.
This is what I wrote for my aunt:
"We are God's garden
and you are one of the blooms."
Use a permanent pen
like Pigma Micron Pen.

If you don't like your handwriting,
you can always use a computer,
cut out the words and paste it on.
But like sewing,
handwriting also adds charm,
and your personal signature
to anything you make!

Here's the finished piece,
all framed
after gluing it on to the frame back.

A lot of times we don't have the time to make something!
Here are some flower themed products
where you can add
"We are God's garden,
and YOU are one of the blooms!"

Hide the note inside this pochette!
Put the message on a stick
and attach it to this wreath.
Here is something you can add any special message to!
And how about writing the words on 
on the squares of this tic tac toe set!

All products above may be found at

You may want to see 
other do it yourself projects at
Show Me What Ya Got at Not Just a Housewife 


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