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Tutorial: Fused Plastic Bags

06 Jul 2012

During the last election, a lady from a TV show called
 to ask me if I had a project to re-use
 the election banners after the elections.
  Can you believe this scene?

I like thinking positively and this seems like a gigantic "fiesta"! 
But really, what are we going to do with all those banners afterwards?

I got some banners and experimented- 
first I cleaned it up, then I put two printed sides together:

I then fused the two plastic banners together by ironing them,
putting a layer of paper over it to protect my iron:

I folded some parts to make it thicker and ironed it again.

Amazingly, acrylic paint sticks! 
I had a fun time painting it! 
 It had a sort of "coagulated" texture that made the paint on it interesting.

Then I sewed it up, 
putting buttons and to reinforce the sides, I piped it with leather.

Of course you can also do this with PLASTIC BAGS! 
 There are too many plastic bags thrown into the garbage! 
They end up in our oceans and rivers and do so much damage!

This is a project still in progress.
I'm going to make it into the cover for a journal.

Of course  you can find lots of journals,
scrapbooks and notebooks at 
Here are some of our new designs.


You may want to see other do it yourself projects at

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