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Tips for a New Graduate

26 Feb 2016

You've just graduated!  Congratulations!!!  *avalanche of confetti*  

Now what?

Many graduates jump into the first job they get without thinking of the implications.  They may languish for years in a job that they weren't meant for.  Don't be the type of person who hops from one job to another, trying to find the right fit.  You can lessen the trial and error with these useful resources.

Confused about what your career should be?

After praying about your future, and maybe a bit of daydreaming, what next?

Graduates of today are in a very good place.  We are in the Information Age and all the tools you need can be easily accessed through the ether.  Questions like, "What kind of job would I be happy in?", "What is my working style?", "What type of work environment will I thrive in?"

Here are scientifically engineered tests that will give you an idea of which jobs to look for.  They may take a bit of your time but it's worth it! Take these different tests.

Think it's time to spread your resumes around?  Think again.  
How Employers Find you 

For more information, we highly recommend the book "What Color is My Parachute" by Richard Bolles.  This book features easy ways to know more about yourself and find the career which best suits you!  

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