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Stress-free Christmas Shopping at Papemelroti

23 Oct 2014

We want you to enjoy the Christmas season and not have to be harassed at the many errands, things to do and gifts you wish to purchase for friends and family.  To give you the best option for this, here's our suggestion.

1. Shop online for the products you want.  Usually we need gifts for our officemates (the same token for everyone).  Since we at Papemelroti provide a wide assortment of products, it is best if you order so we can give you the quantity you need.  Visiting the shop before your office party is not a good idea as we probably won't have 20 pieces of that specific item you liked (in the price range you hoped for).  Gifts run out fast during this time so since we at Papemelroti make our own products, we can produce in bulk for you (if given enough time).

2. Waiting in line just isn't fun.  Your time is precious.  Instead of that, just browse the hundreds of product pages of to take your pick.  You can shop in your pajamas after or before the mall actually opens! We can actually personalize the items for you so it becomes even more valuable!

3.  We have thousands of products and new ones every month so sometimes you don't get to see everything properly.  At our site, you can see which items have just newly arrived.

4. You can either tell us you'll pick up the products at our shop OR have us ship them to you!  (Shipping costs apply) 

5. Have us package your gifts in different ways with our packaging options.  We'll have them ready for you to just write on the cards!

Here's our secret!  Give us at least 2 weeks to make new item/s you want that we don't have stock of!  Time starts now!  Visit us today at!
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