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Series of Portraits by Robert Alejandro

03 Feb 2014

Robert Alejandro has been drawing ever since he could hold a pen.
Here are some of his most recent work.

During the ravaging aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan (aka Yolanda) in the Philippines, Robert held a bidding to fundraise for the survivors.  Here are the winning portraits given to the highest bidders.

This is another "portrait for Haiyan / Yolanda Survivors". This is how I started out - a base of flesh acrylic. 

This is the finished portrait (from the last post). I'm not sure what "style" of art this is - I think it's a bit of fashion-ish artwork isn't it? 

Working on the portraits of winning bids for survivors of Haiyan / Yolanda. Proceeds go to relief efforts.

I am thankful to all the bidders of "portraits for Haiyan / Yolanda survivors". A Christmas dinner in Tacloban (lechon / roasted pig was served to thousands on Christams Eve) was possible because of your donations.

More portraits from the "Haiyan / Yolanda" fundraising. Some of the money was spent on a roasted pig dinner for thousands in Tacloban. We have @msderossi @vangoghisbipolar @pingmedina and plenty of volunteers to help out with the cooking. I heard ALL were fed that Christmas Eve ~ much like Mark 6:41.

More portraits.

This is part of a series of portraits of my friend @franceszonita . I used blue black fountain pen ink + soft pastels on a rough watercolor paper. 

You can find more of Robert's art at all Papemelroti shops
His blog + website

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