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Scrap Craft Project

27 Sep 2016

Do you like to sew but keep ending up with lots of scrap cloth?  Do you feel bad every time you throw pretty pieces of cloth away?

With these 2 crafts, you will need every scrap!

Want to feel festive all the time!  Here's how!

You don't need a special occasion to feel like a celebration is happening every day!  You just need all-year-round buntings!  We aren't sure what it is but there is something about buntings that just make you feel happy!


scrap cloth
scissors for fabric
safety pin (optional)

1. Using the pattern below, cut the different pieces of cloth.  You may use different pattern designs and just mix them all up together).

2. Attach to the ribbon by folding and sewing.

3. Add pieces and make it as long as you like!  Hang to display!

4. You may even cut out small letters and put it on the buntings for more variety!  If you want, you can just safety pin them on so you can change the words depending on the occasion!

The next project is definitely for the sweetest types of gals!  It's really girly!


scrap cloth
scissors for fabric
packing tape
glue gun
PVC tube
glass bottle
white glue

1. Make the base ball using crumpled up newspaper.  Make sure it's packed tight and then wrap with packing tape all around so it retains its shape.  (This is an alternative to styrofoam balls that are harmful for the environment).

2. Make the flowers using the technique in the video below.

3.  Slather the whole PVC tube with white glue.   

4.  Punch the PVC tube into the ball so it's sturdy enough to hold the ball up.

5.  Arrange the flowers on the newspaper ball and glue gun all the flowers around the ball.

You may arrange this on a vase or a small bottle.

You may also use the stem of artificial flower bouquets and then insert the artificial flowers into the spaces between the fabric flowers.


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