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Photo Illusions on the Beach

29 Apr 2015

You've got the sun and the sea and you want to make more memories!  Here are some ways to have creative shots for your scrapbook or to show your family and friends on Facebook!

A giant starfish attack?  Nah, we saved this starfish stranded on the ocean shore and put it right back into the sea as soon as we got this shot!

You didn't see the hand holding the starfish did you?
*We don't recommend you prolong this process as it would be unpleasant for the starfish!

Headless Trick
Have 2 people do this.  Let one's body be totally buried in the sand and the other guy to bend over the "head" without his head being seen.  Neat huh?

Touch the Sun (or the Moon)
Wait until the opportune time when the sun is within your reach.  Usually during sunset (the magic hour of 5 o'clock in the afternoon) it will be near the earth's horizon.  Position your hand ever so closely that it seems you're holding it.

Venus de Milo never looked this good.  Have a shell (or a bottle or a piece of cake?) way in front of the camera and have a lady stand far far back away.

This one is similar to the starfish trick.  Just hold a little stone at the top portion and make sure your hands won't be seen in the camera.

See what others have done on the beach!



Gilligan's Island
Do this effect by having the "smaller" person go back and have the "bigger" person closer to the camera.

Balancing Act
Do this by putting the object to be balanced on in front of you.



Funny Faces
Draw some faces in the sand for a whole lot of fun!  You can do a lot of tricks using shadows too!


Hey pal, where's my head?
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