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papemelroti Ballerina Doll

16 Nov 2018

Introducing our cutest collectible dolls yet - papemelroti Ballerina Dolls!   Locally-made and designed by our own Robert Alejandro.

"I am so incredibly proud of the papemelroti ballerina series," Robert says.  "In a world full of mass-produced items, it's not easy to create dolls or toys locally.  Materials, local artisan skills cost so much more than factory manufacturing - but we managed to do it and are very happy we were able to!"

Each doll delightfully comes with a stand, because as Robert says, "I wanted to make these series of dolls to be “collectible”... ready for display."

We are happy to share that there are 12 or so designs out in the market now.  There is a lot to choose from!  Robert made a variety of themes that any ballet enthusiast would recognise (from a “black swan” to the classic “white swan”).

"Also, with the ever increasing gadget crazy world we live in, I wanted to make a little stand for the popularity of ballet as an art or activity one can actually get into - I hear there are ballet classes available at CCP."

"My dream is for each of our local ballerinas (Lisa Macuja-Elizalde, Stella Abrera, Edna Vida Froilan etc.) to have one!"

We also have a Filipiniana-themed ballerina doll!

These products are individually handcrafted with care.  The designs come per doll and not all designs are available at one time.  Please take note that the supply of each doll design is limited.   So collect them one by one!

Ballerina Dolls 
₱398 each

 Available in papemelroti stores


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