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Our Crafts: Wherever on the Web

02 Aug 2018
We want to share with you some of the exciting things papemelroti customers have done with our products!

With everyone on computers and mobile phones, people work with paper less and less.  Due to environment conservation, everyone wants to use less resources so as not to overburden the earth - so a lot of scrapbooking enthusiasts are turning to sites that offer digital scrapbooking.

It is no wonder then that only a select group of people have continued to enjoy scrapbooking as it's own kind of art form.

Connie of journalsandpaints has the best of both worlds!  She is using her kraft sketchbook to journal her memories but does not do it in a wasteful manner.  She knows that she is using100% recycled paper in her projects and thus helping save trees in the process.

journalsandpaints- "It's been a while since I made a collage. Here's Day 30/100 in my handy dandy #papemelroti kraft sketchbook. Have a good weekend, everyone!"

Andrew Mendoza's talents are multi-faceted.  He paints, draws and photographs his creations in a very appealing way.  We discovered his work on Facebook.  He makes and sells one-of-a-kind artwork on papemelroti kraft paper products.

Scribbling ABC's - "Write what you know, paint what you see"
finished another commissioned notebook design, and i only have one commission left to do for this summer.  I'm super grateful to those who ordered these notebooks and to those who continuously support my art - i hope you all feel appreciated everyday.  Happy Sunday!"

Zena of zapteofilo enjoys doing art with her family!  She showcases a lot of beautifully constructed sketches while using papemelroti paper as her base.

zapteofilo Because sometimes fun comes with a little bit of mess. Oil pastel art day. Us using our oil pastels on some Papemelroti kraft paper. Hello budding little artists! 

It's your turn to make something beautiful today.  If you use any papemelroti product for your arts and crafts and wish to be featured, send us a link to your work online and a short note on how you made it.  Our team of editors will choose the best ones to feature.

Send all contributions to

Want to try your hand at making something uniquely you?  Grab some of these crafting goodies!

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