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One World One Heart 2011

27 Jan 2011

------------ This contest is closed!  Melanie of Oh the Drama Blog USA is the fortunate winner!
*Incidentally, Melanie's father Sean graciously joined OWOH (One World One Heart blog event) in her behalf because there was a fire in her home.  We hope you enjoy your prize Melanie! ------------

*How special OWOH is to us because this is our 100th post!

Papemelroti is proud to join the One World One Heart 2011 (fondly called as OWOH) Event!  The fifth of it's kind, its also on its last run so we wish you a most enjoyable tour around the world of blogs who are joining this event.  This very successful event was started by Lisa Swifka to provide a venue for bloggers to form friendships and discover so many wonderful arts and crafts enthusiasts online.

If this is your first time to visit our blog, you might be curious as to what our name means.  Papemelroti stands for the first two syllables of the artistic siblings who started this chain of  Philippine shops back in 1967.  Today there are 15 stores around the metro and 2 in Pampanga area.  For the story of our early beginnings, please click here.

This year, we are offering this Garden Pendant.  The artwork was done by calej one of Papemelroti's artists.  Being a naturalist and birdwatcher, she made a drawing of a native Pitta bird perched on a lively branch.  She used colored pencils for the colors.  You may view her own work and OWOH giveaway here

The whole piece was assembled by artist Meldy who is usually a sculptor but is most recently into jewelry design.  She used a variety of materials for the piece like cloth, metal, beads and the oval pendant with the bird design.  Her creative blog is here.

This necklace is very easy to wear for both casual and fancy days.  Pretty things always inspire so do join in for a chance to win this.  It's quite easy!

The only requirement is that you need to have a blog. 

After that, you need to sign in with a comment below this post.  On Feb. 17, 2011, we will announce the winners.  (We will use a random number generator to raffle off your names).  Please make sure you have a contact e-mail somewhere in your comment so we can contact you!  

Make sure you drop by this page to check out other wonderful blogs.  Make a friend or two (or three or more) as you get to know the bloggers this year.  

Here's the OWOH page with the link to all the fabulous blogs and giveaways! 

If you can, why not drop by our artist's OWOH pages too:

Patsy's Heartworks Blog offers an inspiring story as well as a beautiful door prize.  Click here

Peggy's Aplseeds Blog has exquisite artwork that extols the joys of motherhood.  Click here

Robert's Sketching Backpacker Blog will give you the chance to win a travel book.  Click here

Christina's Calej d'Art will have more jewelry up for grabs. Click here

Wishing you the best OWOH experience ever! 

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