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Off the Wall

22 Jun 2016

Thinking of remodeling your home?  Look here first!  We've got some tips on how to choose the best theme items for which room and how to arrange them with for maximum appeal with minimal effort.

We've been in business close to 50 years now and we've learned a lot along the way.  We are overjoyed when we hear customers say, "I'm always delighted whenever I enter your shop."  We know it must be the effort our staff puts into prettying up the shop as well as they could.

But how do you pick what products to put in which room of the house?  Living in a dorm?  Not much space?  How do you choose items that will fit in and make the most impact?

Take a look at the wall hanging and the few desk items all mixed up together.  They are quite stressful to look at, right?  The colors and themes are randomly thrown in and the feeling is that each piece isn't quite so nice at all.  

*Almost all of these products are either available in Papemelroti shops or may be ordered given enough time.

Many of us like the vintage, shabby chic style as it never goes out of fashion.  We treasure antiques and put a piece in every room in the house.

CHOOSE... the pieces that have a faded color as bright colors don't really look aged enough.  Some retro items have bold looks so you'll need to use your judgement if the wall item matches the others you have - and doesn't overpower them.  For a lady's bedroom, floral and nature themes seems to fit best.  For men's rooms, you may look for decor with vintage airplanes, cars and the like.  The topiary on the shelf also serves as a "wall item" just because it's placed on the wall shelf.  It helps fill the blank space under the frame.

HOW TO FIX THE WALL: Imagine a large rectangle framing the whole set of wall items.  In the example above, there is an invisible rectangular box in landscape orientation.  The shelf goes out of the box but it still works.  An often overlooked rule is that the composition of frames can be slightly heavier only on the right side.

The den is a place to relax so ultra bright fuschia and neon colors do not belong here.  The eyes need to be able to rest even when just looking at the wall.  This example doesn't really rely on color schemes as the products don't really seem to match together.  But the overall feel is playful R&R.

CHOOSE... manly products that have exploration, discovery and travel themes.  For this look, try to get different colored items but have some color accents.  For example, the "Journey is Best" deco poster at the center of the wall above has orange and red accents that tie in the keyholder and airplane hanger.  This scheme is also good for a dorm wall considering its layout doesn't take up so much space.

HOW TO FIX THE WALL: We used a plain black wall shelf at the bottom, both as a practical measure and a design element that ties all the elements of this wall together like an underline.  This would look so nice with books.

The contemporary style is usually very simple and minimalist because this style disdains clutter.  The less people have, the more it is in line with this theme.  In fact, many modern homes have absolutely nothing on their walls.  We think that's boring so consider putting even just 1 of these items.

CHOOSE...a color scheme to make your redecorating easier.  Here, black and white gives drama and an instant upscale look.  The plaques you decide to get should have clean, streamlined designs in high quality to get the feel of sleekness.  The wanderlust piece is so versatile that it can also fit into the Travelers Den.

HOW TO FIX THE WALL: You can see that the above layout is somewhat like a square made up of 3 rectangles and 1 circle.  It's not a perfect square but it has a certain balance.  The rule the left side is heavier applies.  Don't ask us why it has to be the left side.  We just work here (haha).

We hope you now have more ideas on how to redo your walls.  It's the most fun thing when you have so many options in products, color schemes, textures and themes to choose from!  Let us know in the comment box below if you want to see more decorating tips! 

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