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Nautical Decorating

29 Mar 2017

Some people can be described as having "itchy feet".  That's a funny way of saying you can't stay put and just love to travel.

If you're just that type of personality, let that reflect in your home.  Showcase the beauty of the outdoors!  Feel like you're on a perennial break every time you step into your home.

We've got some tips for you to make you feel like you're on vacation 365 days a year!  How?  Read on.

All you need are a few accent pieces to have as focal points in your living room or bedroom.  See the 3 sample rooms below and see which kind you like the most.


Whether you're situated within an urban jungle or far from the sea, you don't have to drive miles out to feel the (virtual) sea air on your face.

Instantly get transported to an island paradise with these 3 wall pieces that each complement the other. Exquisite photography by Papemelroti artist Elyse Pilapil make all the difference.

Have a specially made Sea Metal Hanger.  You can have a piece personalized with your name instead too!

Don't forget the Steampunk Wall Clock which gives a lot of character to the whole set.

Retro items like a painted chair and a life preserver add much to the room's charm.

Make Time to Explore Direct Print Poster (698php)
When in Doubt Smile Deco Poster (398php)
There is Always Hope So Keep Going Deco Poster (398php)
Steampunk Wall Clock (1495php)
Personalized Sea Metal Hanger


Make your beach house window look like it's part of the interior design!  Pair a plaque with tapestry to add a more eclectic feel.  Practical yet decorative, a shelf makes the area much more interesting.

Add some warmth to the room by adding indoor plants.  These are proven to reduce tension and help with memory retention among other benefits.

Make Today Your Masterpiece Wall Tapestry (507php)
Adventure Scenes Deco Poster (498php)  
Letter "A" Map Letter (298php)
All Utility Shelf (1498php)



Picture being in this room with a coffee cup in hand.  It's as hipster as a nook can be.  Make it your special place that habitually reminds you of worlds to conquer.  The unique shapes on the elements found on this wall prevent any type of monotony.  You might as well imagine you're across an Alexandrian library or some Roman ruins.


Adventure Arrow (329php)
The Ocean is Calling Deco Poster (298php)
Edison Lamp (1698php)
Wanderlust Plaque (809php)
Easel Photo Art (198php)

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