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More DIY Postcards

22 Sep 2015
Did you get one of these handmade postcards from artist Robert Alejandro?
He talks about the lucky people he sent these off to.

This is an artwork for "Do" (short for Dorothy I think). Do is the owner of the wonderful Parisian apartment I stayed in. #airbnb Do is a designer and so it was nice to see we had books in common! Merci Do!

 This is an artwork I gave to Alexandra. Alexandra met up with us and led us to the airbnb we stayed in for a week in Paris. Look - she is holding the keys to the apartment! Merci Alex! #airbnb

 Everyday I would purchase a baguette at the local bake shop. "Bonjour!" I would say and the beautiful owner would speak to me in French - which I didn't understand. When I left Paris I gave the French woman a little souvenir. #memoriesofparis #thefrencharentrudeatall

A postcard I made for my Auntie Cora in Austin, Texas 
I used a white inked pen for this artwork. 

I travel with the simplest of watercolors (Prang) a couple of good brushes, a watercolor sketch pad (or a moleskine ). I bring along some glue as well.

I stayed at an airbnb in Paris (Le Gobelin)- I felt like a local (buying a baguette at the shop downstairs, chatting with my 4 word French vocabulary). Made this artwork for Jean, the owner of the French apartment which was my Parisian home for a while. Merci!

 diypostcard turkey coffee

 Met and drew another beautiful girl from Istanbul - she was inviting us for breakfast but I was too shy to say yes to the invite.

 Had a bit of trouble looking for our reservation in Istanbul (my fault- I didn't save the details). A young lady helped us and this is my gift to her. Thank you very much!!!!!

 diypostcard i particularly like gluing / sending an actual part of the city to my friends (happens to be a leaf in this case).

 Still people watching / drawing from life in Stockholm kulturhuset I really do enjoy drawing from life

 My first time in Scandinavia- I loved it! #diypostcard

 Man at the Kiev airport. Used a fountain pen and watercolor.

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