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Matchbox Minnie

23 Oct 2014

November 20 is the Universal Children's Day and we wanted to feature a craft that you and a little one can do together (and enjoy playing with after).  Here’s an adorable project to do with a little friend.

Let's begin!
1 - You will need a matchbox, scrap cloth. Needle and thread, cotton, a fine permanent pen, scrap paper, embellishments, acrylic  or fabric paints(optional).  The cloth should be of fine weave because we are making a small thing. Check to see if you can draw on it with the marker, and that the ink won’t smear.  First make a drawing of the size of the stuffed “pillow” on the wrong side. It should fit nicely inside a matchbox.   

2 - Sew around the drawing, leaving the bottom open.   Invert the cloth to the right side.
Stuff the pillow with cotton. Make sure the pillow fits the matchbox, and is not too stuffed, that it is hard to close the box. Sew the bottom.

3 - Let a little friend draw a girl, or an animal, or imaginary creature on the pillow with the permanent marker. 

4 - To decorate the match box, look for scrap paper, magazine pages, stickers, fabric flowers, etc.  Then help your little friend cover the box and embellish it.

5 - Be sure to include the inside of the box.

6 - And decorate the top too!  If you use magazine pages, you can make a collage and cut out letters to spell your friend’s name! Whatever comes out, make sure you say, “Great job!”

7 - If you have paint, you can also color it!

8 - Here is my matchbox friend!

Variations: You can also make two pillows attached with a cord. Two friends, or one could be a pet. Just make sure both pillows fit into the matchbox!  If your Matchbox Minnie is small enough, you can make a pillow for the head and a blanket. So many things to make with this project!  Have fun!!!

Have some fun at the Link Parties!

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