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Making Advent Meaningful

29 Nov 2016

It's time to prepare for the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ!  What are we planning to do to make it more meaningful?  Shopping?  Cooking?  Partying?  You've been there, done that.  It's time to have a different celebration - one that truly brings us closer to the BIRTHDAY CELEBRANT - JESUS!

How do we fit that in, you say?  We make time.  We will make time to be with the Lord because there is a special grace in this season that is present in no other!  Besides, the Lord delights in spending time with you and will give you clarity and vision for the year ahead!  Isn't that so exciting?!!!

Let's see - here are some suggested activities - you can pick one or do all!  It's up to you!  All of these are totally FREE!

One Touch App
This app helps us to pray and meditate everyday.  It even has jokes, videos, events and personal testimonies.  You can sing your favorite songs on here too.  Available on iOS. See app

Bible App
Read or listen to the bible readings and compare from the different bible versions available.  They've got bible reading plans for Advent as well as other topics.  You can make bookmarks and shareable images for Facebook and other social networking sites.  See app

Jesse Tree
We've made simple Jesse tree ornament printables just for you! It's fun and easy to do with kids.  Get the kit here

Busted Halo's 2016 Advent Calendar
Make every day of Advent more significant with these Microchallenges!  see the calendar

Pray More Retreat
Join this online retreat and you get 6 inspiring talks, 20 video presentations with transcripts and 20 reflective study guides, sign up here

Seacoast's Advent Devotionals

Wait with anticipation for Christ's coming through these devotionals.  The short daily reflections provide points for pondering and for responding to God's Word.  subscribe here

Spend Advent with Mary
The one who first waited for Jesus' coming was the Blessed Mother.  Journey with her and see Advent through her eyes!  sign up here

Sacred Space's "God with Us" Advent Retreat
Find out what the "O Antiphons" are and how they help us reflect on Jesus' coming.  sign up here

Arts and Faith: 
If you are an art lover, this one's for you.  Each week of Advent offers insight into sacred scripture through works of art.  introduction

Advent Crossword
Think you know everything there is to know about Advent?  Then you can finish this crossword in no time!  Play

We hope these tools help make the season more meaningful and joyful for you!  May you meet the Saviour along the way!  Blessings on your Advent journey!
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