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Make Your Own Christmas Ornaments

05 Nov 2013

In preparation for the merriest of seasons, why not try your hand at making your own Christmas ornaments?

An easy Do-it-Yourself project made of materials you'll mostly find around the house!  Only 7 easy steps!

We've wanted to feature this craft project for quite some time now.  It's a good time to make these before the busy festivities pile up.

1. Gather the materials and tools you need:

Papers (cardstock, painted paper, book paper)
Silicone Sealant (buy this from your local hardware)
old credit card or something similar
Pencil and paper to make the pattern 
Crochet thread and needle
Stuffing (cotton or shredded paper)

2. Put silicone sealant on paper and spread thinly using the old credit card. Let dry overnight.

3. Make a pattern for your ornament. Simple shapes are best.

4. Cut out the shapes using your chosen papers coated with silicone.  Make sure you have 2 pieces of the same shape, back to back.

5. Start sewing the pieces of paper together with the crochet thread using any kind of embroidery, like running stitch or blanket stitch.
Before closing up the hole, stuff a little cotton or shredded paper.


6. Put thread to hang it.

7. If you are making a mobile, you have to finish the individual pieces and then use crochet thread to hang them together.

Have you got questions? 
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other do it yourself projects at
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