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Make the Season Special

28 Feb 2017

Lent is here!

It's the time of year ushered in by the putting of a ash cross on our foreheads - reminding us of something very essential.  Our lives on earth are fleeting.  At the end of our days, we return to the earth, becoming dust.

Whether we like it or not, only our souls will live on in immortal life or death.  Lent gives us a chance to stop and think about our mortality as well as our eternal calling.

Lent turns us away from our busyness and self-centered existence and turns us toward Christ.  Christ, who, every day and every moment of His life, lived out of His love for us - so we can have the divine life!

The 40 days of Lent prepare us for Easter!  Jesus died in our place so we could rise with Him!

If we were going on a journey, wouldn't we need to prepare for our clothing, food and drink... where we will stay and who will we bring with us?  We find things to bring and things to leave behind as we cannot pack in everything.

Lent is that preparation time.  It is the time when we look in the mirror, hold up the garment of righteousness and our acts of penitence allow us to wear it so we can stand in God's presence.

We also do away with many things that weigh us down - not only do we try to give up some kind of attachment like soft drinks or cigarettes or chocolate, but even more significantly, we throw away the darkness within ourselves such as unforgiveness, bitterness, resentments, hopelessness, pride, lust, greed and you can add the rest.

It's not always easy to go on a journey alone.  Here are the vehicles that will get us more safely, more hastily there!  Here are some ways to make the season so special and meaningful.  All of the following are free to join (except for the Tagaytay retreat, details at the bottom of the article).

Sacred Space's online retreat will help us reflect on Jesus' 7 Last Words.  This is based on the book of Fr. James Martin.

St. Paul Center presents "Deepen your Understanding of the Sacraments".  Their bible studies are always well presented coupled with excellent visualizations.

Go through this practical Lenten Recollection answering one of the most basic questions in life.

We don't just tone our bodies and muscles but more importantly, we are to be spiritually fit for the fight!  This Ignatian Online Retreat is based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola.

A Lenten Journey reflection by Sarah Philips on Lent and how it may be your least favorite time of year.

Pope Francis gives us 10 tips on what we should do for Lent.

Everyone is also welcome to join all of these Lenten events!

All college students are welcome to the Christ's Youth in Action talk on redefining God.  It will be held at the the Quezon City Youth Center,  (2nd floor, Elizabeth Hall, beside Diligence Cafe).

Open to all.  

"As you mourn for your sins and weaknesses this Ash Wednesday through fasting, mourning and weeping, may you be truly transformed from your heart." -- John Tribes

A NOTE TO OUR READERS: We at Papemelroti believe that we can only have fullness and abundance of life if we live the life God has meant for us to live.  We love to share our faith with all of our readers in the hope that you experience God's immeasurable, boundless and unconditional love for you and that your joy may be complete!
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