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Make a Pocket Wrap!

04 Dec 2013
I like making my own gift wrap and I usually use recycled materials. Here's an easy way to make a special wrapping for a Christmas gift. And it can be re-used again and again!

To make this pocket,we will need:

book paper
acrylic emulsion and a brush to apply it
needle and crochet thread

1.  Gather our materials.  We like using book paper.

2. Coat the book paper with acrylic emulsion. Let dry.
Decide how big your pocket is. Decide how big and what shape your pocket flap is (cover). 

3.  Sew the pocket flap on. You may want to fold the edge of the pocket to reinforce it.

4.  Sew with a running stitch around the pocket. 

5.  Embellish the pocket with whatever you have on hand- ribbons, buttons, die cuts, etc.  I used more book paper, and some left over colored book paper from my last project- a Christmas ornament coated with Silicone Sealant.

6. Acrylic emulsion is much cheaper than the sealant, so I can use this for a lot of projects. 

Patricia Paterno
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