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Lent 2021 Free Retreats and Resources

13 Feb 2021

Before you know it, Ash Wednesday (February 17th) has arrived and we find that we haven't yet thought of anything special that we can do for Lent.  Why do we need to observe this age-old season anyway?  Read on.

The season of Lent prepares us for the most important event for all Christians - Jesus' dying on the cross to save us for eternity and His resurrection on Easter Sunday.  We can look at it with doom and gloom (all that talk of repentance, sacrifice and alms) or we can look at it the way Jesus did - with eyes of LOVE.  That is why Jesus died, for love of us, and that is why we can also do everything with love every single day in Lent.  

Early Christians in the medieval period fasted for 40 days - only eating 1 meal a day after sunset.  They didn't consume alcohol, meat or dairy all that time (not including Sundays).  Modern-day fasting is not as rigorous but the goal is the same - fasting from our creature comforts to satisfy our starving soul with a spiritual feast.  Just like Moses and Elijah fasted 40 days before they encountered God, we can also reap many benefits by fasting such as growing in humility (Psalm 69:10), receiving divine assistance (Daniel 9:3), wisdom and guidance (Ezra 8:21) and more besides.  

This year's Lent culminates in the Easter Triduum beginning on the evening of April 1st on Maundy Thursday until April 3, Holy Saturday.  

To enrich the season for you, we thought we'd share these FREE Lent retreats and resources for you this year.  These are all available for free for the public and open to all.  Feel free to share these with others.

Ash Wednesday Family Prayers

Observe the Lenten season as one family.  Make it a most meaningful time for one and all.  You can say these prayers with friends as well!   View the PDF

Sign up for these 2021 Lent-only events!

Parousia 2021

Why did the early Church Fathers go to mass?  Where is the mass in the Bible?  Journey through Scripture with Scott Hahn and the St. Paul Center and find out.  Watch 10 episodes for free. Register

Lent 2021 Men's Conference

This event is all about men's topics and it will help you in your daily walk with God.  The world needs more men who think, act and love like Jesus!  Have a mindset of "Living in View of Eternity".  Register here

Pray More Retreat 2021

A self-paced retreat that you can go through whenever you have the time.  Various speakers from all walks of life share about their thoughts and life experiences on Lenten topics.   Register here 

Loyola Press Online Retreat

Apply St. Ignatius' Spiritual Exercises in your daily life. See more information

Virtual Gatherings

Open Door (Philippines) 

Make Sundays your time to be with the Lord.  Sing songs to lift your heart and hear stories of miracles and wonders in our day.  Online gatherings are livestreamed on their Facebook page.  Everyone is welcome to join their events.  Follow their Facebook page

More Free Resources

papemelroti Sunrise Reflections by Patricia Paterno. 

Benefit from these early morning reflections from the God's Word.  Get daily wisdom from Scripture and stories by following papemelroti on Facebook or by reading Patsy's Blog (you can subscribe by e-mail).

Lent 2021 

Daily Reflections that will help enlighten your soul   See more information

Free Lenten Calendar

Schedule your Lenten weekly activities with this free printable calendar.  See more information

iPieta App

Learn the truths from Scripture as well as from the Church Fathers.  Grow in your prayer life and in the knowledge of the early Church.  Available on Apple or Android

Let us know if you found any of these links useful.  Have a most blessed Lent and Easter season!
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